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Mar 29 2006
The doorbells
don’t work
but no one goes away.

This journal is now friends-only.
Add me if you want to read it, and I'll add you back.

Dec 17 2005
[ mood | optimistic ]

adrien brody is such a dish.


objects.. [
Dec 6 2005
[ mood | mellow ]

i hate snow. i hate my car. i love blueberries. i love my barnes & noble member card. i love kk's voice. i LOVE netflix. i HATE my comforter. i hate all the handbags i own. i love my blue/silver Charlotte Russe tank.

wow, i can't think of any other objects for which i can profess strong emotion.
oh wait. kk's voice is not an object.


Nov 18 2005
[ mood | calm ]

I am fasting today, for the very first time in my life.


Nov 17 2005
[ mood | freezing! ]

ok, so this is back. i think suku badgered me into it. :)

i'm probably going to make this friends-only, as soon as i actually write something of substance in this.


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